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You belong here.

We believe the answer to addiction is Christian community. We were not meant to do life alone. When you come to RLMO, you’ll feel the support of true fellowship. Because you’re part of this family.

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Serving Jesus by helping men help themselves.

We know that it’s not enough to get set free; we must help men learn to stay set free. We welcome you into our mission.

How We Help

In a world where bleak statistics try to define us, our long-term residential program teaches true identity. And it’s working.

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No matter the time or resources you have to offer, we are grateful for your help. From volunteer opportunities to shopping wishlists, here are our greatest needs.


Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make true, lasting change in your life? Start here to be considered for our program.


While every story is different, we’ve learned a lot about best practices regarding addictions, boundaries, and more. Our favorite resources for everyone in the family affected by addiction, plus referral links for other ministries and experts.

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