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  • 08 Nov 2018

    5th Annual RLMO Banquet

    We gratefully invite our community of current and future supporters to our annual “family meeting,” where we will hear together…

New Beginnings!  2018 is the year of New Beginnings for Renewed Life Ministries.

We have made the move from Woodbury to Rutherford County!!!  What a huge blessing to be in the place God promised.  God showed me in September 2010 we would be moving and here we are.  I could share story after story of God’s provision for this ministry.  2018 is truly a year of new beginnings.  Won’t you join us this year in celebrating the changed lives of men who commit to following Jesus?  The men who graduate our program go on to be loving fathers/husbands, faithful members of their local church, productive employees, and are making a positive influence in their communities!  I am blessed to be the Executive Director of this wonderful ministry.  Derek Faulkner.

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Real Men, Real Stories.

These are some of the men that have experienced first hand what RLMO is about.

So grateful to all our supporters, including: 

” It’s not just important that men get set free, but that they stay free.”

-David Robertson

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We get so many questions about how to live free in Christ and step into a new life. So this Blog is really foundational principles that our discipleship training program is based on. As you read through each blog try to think about people who might need God’s word and consider sharing the content on the social media icons below each blog. Hope you enjoy !!

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