Confronting Issues

We are not afraid to confront the issues and talk about them.

Step by Step

We are constantly emphasizing taking things one step at a time.

Facebook Nuggets

Facebook is a great way for us to connect with our graduates to keep them inspired and strong.

Renewed Life Ministries Outreach (RLMO) is a one-year, residential discipleship training center for men who are struggling with life issues. RLMO was founded in 1995 by Basil & Naomi Adams. Our mission is to help men become set free from their past, live well in their present, and have hope for the future.

The Bible is clear, our identity is in Christ. Renewed Life Ministries is committed to teaching this truth to our students. Our instructors have overcome in these same areas and are now discipling other men as they walk into all that God has for their life.

When men are struggling with addiction, pornography, and emotional turmoil, we cannot take a “flash in the pan” approach. Our discipleship program follows a four-step plan: Identity in Christ, Christlikeness, Accountability, and Self-Evaluation.

In a world where movies, talk shows, magazines and statistics try to define us, it is imperative these men understand what God’s Word says about who they are IN Him. We can walk in the truths promised in God’s Word as our solid foundation.

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Meet the Team

Renewed Life Ministries depends on both staff and volunteers alike. We would not be able to help the men, families, and communities that we have been privileged to serve without our team. These people serve week in and week out to make a difference that will not be forgotten.

Staff & Board Members

  • Derek Faulkner
  • Danielle Adams
  • Leonard Hancock
  • Paul Smith
  • Theron Hatch
  • Marshall Sparkman

Volunteer Spotlight

  • Valerie Faulkner 
  • Amanda Mears
  • Mike Pugh
  • Sandra Hurlburt
  • Lea Wiggins
  • Terry Greenwood


  • Peter Arni
  • Blake Hammill
  • Michael Brown
  • Travis Adams
  • Scott Jackson
  • Justin Beshearse


  • Derek Faulkner

    Originally from Georgia, Derek moved to Tennessee in 2002 after being homeless for over six months. He is a graduate of the program (2003) and is honored to serve as…...

  • Katie Hall

    Katie Hall brings experience in marketing and publicity, creative writing, book publishing, and nonprofit fundraising. She is delighted to share RLMO’s story and seek support...

  • Leonard Hancock

    Leonard has been helping men with addiction for over 15 years. He is originally from Albany, GA and moved to Tennessee to serve as Re-entry Coach at Teen Challenge of…...